The Daffodils Love

The Daffodils Love

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Olasunkanmi Igbasan
·Jan 24, 2022·

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Have you ever by chance read about the love story between the daffodils and the ocean? I would tell you a little of the one I heard, a long time ago, while I was growing up.

Long ago, the daffodils had fallen in love with the ocean, as ironic as that may sound, it happened, be patient while I tell you this story.

The daffodils, young and naive. Her ignorance is yet introduced to the vast world of uncertainties. if you ever read about daffodils, you'd know by now they grow in small groups but she was different. she had grown outside the group, a little on her own. "golden daffodils; beside the ocean, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze." Yellow petals that told how vibrant she was, she danced and danced to the breeze, until a cold night when she saw him clearly. The humans were gone and their noise with them, the party was over. just the whistling of the wind.

For the first time, she saw clearly, as dark as it was. She saw as he rode the wind, the breeze blowing freely from the ocean, fresh in a special way that has in traces the beginning of their end, she could perceive he was the beginning of her, and her end was nothing far beyond his deeds.

Every morning she danced a little extra and waved as he rode the wind. cheering her lover, day after day and night after night but he never saw her. Until he did, she gleamed more vibrantly, "Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, " but what good was the love she had for him if he could never love her back? How could he? What curse shall befall the ocean to be in love with the daffodils?

But it happened the curse fell. it fell upon him like a mother's slap.

The two were in love but could never have each other, so danced for him day and night beneath the trees and he rode the wind harder and stronger, vibrantly for her until the day she died.

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