Once upon a time.

Once upon a time.

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Olasunkanmi Igbasan
ยทApr 22, 2022ยท

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Do you remember the first time we spoke?

You were as excited as a mother's favorite child, it was lovely, never again have I heard you so excited, and never have I been so excited to talk to a stranger too. No doubt, I fell in love with you like a beast to beauty, the sound of your voice makes the 'overthinking' me vanish and I ride the waves of thought that I want to always be with you, even though I never said that out loud. Here I am, typing notoriously on my computer keypad just to get this to you as quickly as possible, so I can feel better, what good is to feel so much for a person and never whisper the words that you do, I am sorry you never heard me say them. but I still Love you xxxxx. However, distance has not been very kind to me, but what good is the daffodil's love for the Ocean?

I hope you read that gently as you can, and I hope I made you smile while we were whatever we were, because you made me smile, a few times and more than a few times.

You made my heart sing a love song and pound a lover's jealousy and not blood

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